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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Trail

Forest Greens, 15x30, acrylic

As I have mentioned before I enjoy painting these long horizontals. I wanted to try a subject that has a strong vertical pull ie: the tree trunks. I think it creates a bit of a tension.  The hits of warmth help to off set all of the greens, and the trail pulls you in. I seem to have had a lot of interruptions lately and I haven't done as much painting as I would like, therefore not enough posts. I hope to get in the swing at least by the new year.


  1. Always a pleasure to see a new painting by You Amanda. Really nice composition in this one and good use of atmospheric perspective to give a sense of depth. Don't know if this has come up before but do you work on a toned ground or do you prefer a white canvas?

  2. Wonderful job! I love the way light sparkles all over, just as in reality. Beautiful painting.

  3. I love this one Amanda, you did a great job. the warm light on the ground and cool shadows very good, the panoramic format also makes for a very good composition.

  4. Thanks guys, Eric I do usually work on a toned canvas. I like to use yellow ochre. Then I do a monochromatic underpainting using quinacridone burnt orange and ultramarine blue.

  5. I love how you captured the light. lovely

  6. Very nice painting Amanda. I am still interested in talking to you about the gallery. Will call you as I am looking at 2011 schedule now.


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