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Monday, July 26, 2010

Making Changes

Gulls at the Shore, 24x48, acrylic

Well this is the third time that I have posted this image. Each time I have made some changes, it drove me crazy. I am now happy with it and I think I have created a better focal point by adding the gulls at the water's edge. The palette is somewhat subdued and I think it adds a little bit more interest and life to the painting. I like the soft reflective shoreline against the harder edges of the rocks.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Different Palette

Autumn Splendour, 36"x36", acrylic

I find that I get very comfortable with my usual colour palette. I can readily reach for safe mixes that will do the job. With this one I wanted to try something different. It was great fun to play with the beautiful warm colours. I ended up glazing over the upper part of the hillside with white to create more atmosperic perspective and to cool it down. I think that sometimes I get caught up in the result and I don't take time to enjoy just putting the paint on the canvas, and playing a little. I just took this piece out to the Birthplace of BC gallery in Fort Langley. I will be out there on Aug 1 and 2 (Sun and Mon) painting in the gardens with other gallery artists.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playing with the light

Dancing Light, 12x16, acrylic

The whole reason for painting this image was to try and capture the light bouncing like diamonds on the water. I first used a warm yellow orange colour and built up to the light. I was trying to get a bit of a glow. I also used my finger to smudge some edges to get a reflective quality in the water. I kept the blues quite strong to help with the feeling of a bright day.  We like to rent a boat  and explore the islands around Howe Sound it gives a very different perspective being on the water.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Light and Shade

Dappled Light, 30x36, acrylic

I really do enjoy painting trees. In this one the light was very strong in contrast to the shadows. I wanted an overall warm feeling, so I didn't make the shadows too cool. Overall I am quite pleased with the effect.


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