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Thursday, March 3, 2011


On the Rocks, 40x30, acrylic

Well I couldn't leave the last one alone so I thought I would post the updated version. I am happier with this one. My main aim is to capture a sense of the place and to try to convey the rugged beauty of it. I try to keep in mind the importance of interesting shapes and to keep them as simple as possible. I find it exciting to anticipate the next painting and all the possibilities. This painting on a textured ground was interesting I may play around with it some more.


  1. Hi Amanda, as a matter of fact I like both versions of the painting and I would have a hard time to decide which one was better. The texture really adds to the painting. I think I'm going to dug up my acrylics again to give them a try again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow! I LOVE it. I think the grass you added in the rocks and then the lighter lavender in the rock shadows is brilliant! It's full of motion and just glows!

  3. I love the rocks, the cool reflective light at the end of the main rock is very good.I coulnt tell you which one of the 2 paintings I prefer, they are both good.

  4. It is so real !!! Waw !!! Like the wind on the trees.


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