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Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Work

Creekside, 30x30", acrylic

I live in an area that is basically surrounded by dykes. This is a little creek that runs close to a path that is a very popular dyke walk. I wanted to express the wild overgrown feel surrounding this subject. I also like to try and capture a sense of movement, maybe the wind is catching the grasses and leaves. The blue of the water seemed to be  a nice complement to the oranges. Let me know what you think.


  1. Amanda - whoa. This is lively and fresh and so dynamic. I am really taken with your reflections in the stream. They're so rich with all those hits of colour. And your clump of trees is great. The motion and the colours (especially those streaks of lavender) are really well done. I keep staring at the way you've done those branches and bits of leaves...

  2. Thanks Kim, the branches were the main challenge. It was late fall and the trees were mostly bare but lots of little branches so I wanted to paint them as a mass and not give them too much detail. I started them in a loose way with muted colour and then negative painted the sky around them. Then I popped in some brighter colour to punch it up.

  3. Wow. It's like a tree explosion. I mean that in a good way. Beautiful interpretation. The color harmony is so pleasing. Wonderful place to take a walk!

  4. I think you are one very talented lady! This is a beautiful, expressive piece.


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