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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Leading the eye in

Country Lane, 30x36", acrylic

I really enjoy pulling the viewer into a composition. Lanes, trails, pathways are always very appealing, we want to naturally follow them along. I try to hold the viewer visually in the picture, but also emotionally. To have them wonder what is around that corner or at the end of that pathway. To feel themselves in the scene exploring. I have been trying to control edges more lately. I find working in acrylics that I tend to get very hard edged. This one I kept the background trees as soft as I could and I am quite pleased.


  1. Ah Amanda, you did it again! You are rockin' those trees! Soft, intricate and beautiful negative space.

  2. Another beautiful painting. You definitely drew me in to the work. I am still in awe of landscape painters. Your work is very inspiring!


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