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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playing with the light

Dancing Light, 12x16, acrylic

The whole reason for painting this image was to try and capture the light bouncing like diamonds on the water. I first used a warm yellow orange colour and built up to the light. I was trying to get a bit of a glow. I also used my finger to smudge some edges to get a reflective quality in the water. I kept the blues quite strong to help with the feeling of a bright day.  We like to rent a boat  and explore the islands around Howe Sound it gives a very different perspective being on the water.


  1. You nailed it Amanda! Tricky subject, well done. Love the warm and cool contrasts and the great aerial perspective!

  2. Beautiful painting Amanda. Love the light on the water as well as the trees.

  3. Amanda, thanks for visiting and following my blog, which has given me the opportunity to discover your art. How absolutely beautiful your palette is and your "play with light" is incredible. Will look forward to future posts.

  4. Love the light on the trees and the water, and the pink on the distant mountain. You really got it. This one looks more like an oil than acrylic to me. Perhaps it is the texture.


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