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Monday, January 17, 2011


Shoreline Reflections, Schooner Cove, 36x48, acrylic


Does anyone else have the same problem with titles that I do. It is something I never look forward to. Much of my subject matter comes from the same source, and I find it such a struggle to come up with creative titles
I prefer to use something descriptive and not too flowery. I read once that if you don't have some idea for the title at the start then you probably shouldn't paint the piece. Maybe there is some truth in that, you need to understand the focus of the piece and be able to express that in a few simple words. Easier said than done I have found.


  1. I wouldn't bother with the title as long as you paint such amazing pictures. Shoreline Reflections sounds good to me.

  2. This is wonderful, just beautiful!

  3. You are reading the wrong stuff, a title is only a way to keep track of the painting. If you did 20 paintings, or studies of the area they could all be called Schooner Cove, just add a number behind. The only time I have found titles were of importance is when they are an integral part of the piece. One mini-print exhibition I took in I noticed that one printmaker used titles that were larger than the images, but the title in conjunction with the piece was humorous, in that case the title added to. On the whole I used to struggle with titles, now if one comes easy, thats it, if not it becomes a descriptive name and a #. I have very rarely had a title before the creative experience. Your work stands on it own, and the title you chose works well, big hug.

  4. I sometimes have problems thinking of a title too, I would think a descriptive title would be fine Amanda...
    Either way its a stunning piece, you have a wonderful way of painting trees. The whole piece is very clean,fresh and soothing.

  5. Beautiful painting again Amanda. Most of the time, a painting says so much more than what words can describe.
    Even Richard Schmid says he doesn't like thinking of names for his paintings.

  6. Love this beautiful piece. I like all the above comments on titles. Titles are a big struggle for me.

  7. Thanks for all of the above comments. I agree Erik that indeed a painting does say so much more, maybe that is why it can be so hard to sum it all up in a couple of words.

  8. What a dynamic and beautiful painting, I love the cool blues on shadows of the rocks, about titles,look at it for a few seconds, and what ever comes into your head , that is , there is your title.

  9. I love this painting - beautiful work as usual! ... I too don't really like naming my paintings and find it hard to come up with a title. But I started doing this a while ago and it really works for me: Write down short phrases you hear that you think would make great painting titles - snippets of songs, comments on the radio or in conversation, etc... I do this all the time (I keep a little notebook with me for this purpose). I now have hundreds of them in a list that I can refer to when I'm finished a painting, and see what title best suits it.

  10. I am charmed with your paintings for these so alive colors.
    Congratulations for your blog.


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