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Friday, March 18, 2011

I am still here

Distant Shores, 30x40, acrylic

I thought I had better get a post up before everyone starts to think I have quit painting. I seem to have been very distracted lately and also working on some experimental stuff. I would like to get more depth and interest in the paint layers, so I will post anything worthwhile soon. This is a new one, the inspiration came from a hike along the Wild Pacific Trail out of Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. Such powerful stunning wild scenery, a painting could never do it justice. I love to work with a complementary palette, this one being blues and oranges. Unfortunately I just noticed there is some shadowing from the photo in the upper right , oh well you get the idea.


  1. Hi Amanda, enjoyed looking through your work...looking forward to following too! Happy painting to you!

  2. I always love your compositions Amanda, looking forward to your layered experiments!

  3. Good sense of depth, and beautiful light.Cheers


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