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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Magical Place

Longbeach, Tofino, 30x30, acrylic

Another painting of one of my favourite places.  The area around Tofino and Ucluelet on the west side of Vancouver Island is just magical. The beaches are long and full of sunbleached driftwood,  the trees are windblown and wild. The rocks are rugged and waves pound the shore. Wonderful trails lead through the rainforest down to the beach. I never seem to tire of it, even after visiting for over 30 years. It feels like the edge of the world and I feel like an explorer. I particularly liked the tree shapes in this piece and the natural opening through the rocks pulls the viewer through and asks you to explore with me.


  1. How lucky you are to have such beauty so close. And...how wonderful that you realize it and take advantage of it! You are such a master of painting trees. So much character in your work.

  2. I know this exact view! I have taken a ton of photos here and have one that would make a perfect painting - with a surfer walking by with his longboard, in between the rocks. But I don't think I could paint it as beautifully as you have! I love the colours you use, what a lovely feel you give the scene...

  3. So inviting and yet a bit mysterious... what lays beyond? Wonderful piece, thanks for sharing.

  4. A really beautiful painting.You have captured the atmosphere so perfectly,that I can even hear the distant sound of the waves breaking on the shore.


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