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Friday, May 27, 2011


Tug on the Fraser, 15x30, acrylic

I am participating in a Fundraiser for our local hospital foundation next Saturday. This will be my third year, the first year I sold 3 large pieces, the second year I took large work and buyers were more into smaller pieces. So this time I am working on stuff around 12x16. More and more I have been painting larger canvases and I really enjoy the energy I can put into bigger brushstrokes etc,  I am finding it a challenge to paint smaller, I seem to get caught up in detail. So this is a good experience for me, I like to have a looser more painterly effect so I will keep at it. This is a familiar scene from the Fraser river where I live, the tugboats pull the large log booms up the river to mills.


  1. Nice work Amanda, with small canvas, the good thing about it is that the mistakes are less easy to see them, at list for me.

  2. Beautiful work. Love all your trees. Shows the grandeur of British Columbia.

  3. You really do have to click on your image to make it larger to see how incredible your paintings are. Hard to see all the details in the smaller image. Great job on this. Love the tugboat. Good luck with the show!


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