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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Latest Painting

Rainforest Trail, 24"x30", acrylic

I have just finished this painting. I am attracted to images that draw the viewer in, and trails seem to do that for me. I also always find this subject a challenge. So much to simplify, so many greens to control and values to plan. This is part of a boardwalk trail that leads to the beach, in the rainforest around Tofino. I can hear the seagulls and the waves crashing, and the air smells so fresh.


  1. Beautiful. I love it. So much light and colour.

  2. Mrs. Jones;

    You are such a talented artist and even though I don't know alot about fine art, I do know what is beautiful! Keep up the great work!

    This painting reminds me of the rainforest walk in Tofino that Hayley took me on. It brough me right back there.

    C. Alicata

  3. I love this painting. It feels so fresh and bright. I can only imagine the spectacular view around the corner and the blast of the sea air that hits you as you approach. What a wonderful feeling.....

  4. I love this painting, I would love to have one just like it in my home one day.

  5. Your paintings make me happy. I just love your use of colour and your style just is so appealing. I really love all of them!


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