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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

After the Show

Mountain Valley, 30x40", acrylic

Well the fundraiser was a bit of a dissapointment. No sales to report. It is a lot of work for just a two and a half hour event. The good thing is I now have some new paintings. This is one of them. What first drew me to this image was the lovely blues in the mountains and middle distance. It gave me a chance to play the warm foreground colours off against those blues. The challenge was the bare trees in the foreground. I wanted to keep them loose and not paint every bare branch. I am trying to make more creative brushstrokes, dragging and pulling and using the brush on the side. I think trial and error is the best way to learn. I almost always use flats.


  1. Amanda, I am glad you found my blog because now I have found yours! Your work is amazing, and I love that you also paint on black. I like to gesso some of my boards black too, especially if I have lots of darks in the painting, or darks I want to keep without contaminating the lights and still paint it in one day. I use oils so it takes a lot longer to dry. Your type of landscapes are what I also like to paint. Aren't mountains areas fabulous! I am glad we connected and I will keep coming back often.

  2. Hi Joanne, thanks for the feedback. Yes the mountains are a fantastic subject to paint. I do sometimes use black as an underpainting. I find I like the crisp contrast especially in a scene with a lot of snow. It seems to give it a somewhat stylized look. Thanks for taking the time, I enjoy the comments.

  3. This is a lovely piece Amanda, and the brushwork is fresh and energetic!

  4. Very nice work, it feels illustrative to me.. I came across your site by chance, I was looking for some inspiration for new paintings. I recently left the ad world after 40 years. I was a creative director and worked on many different accounts.I also used many artists and illustrators during my career. Have fun and enjoy and paint with passion.


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