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Friday, June 4, 2010

Preparing for a Show

Lionsgate from Stanley Park, 24x30, acrylic

Finally I am getting around to a new post. I have been preparing for a show on Saturday evening. It is a fundraiser for our local hospital foundation. Last year it was a wonderful event. My preference is to paint larger canvases and now I am concerned about logistics, always something to worry about! Thank goodness my husband will be helping me set up. I find the frames are so easily damaged. Yesterday I took pictures of the paintings and today I will get them in frames and make up title cards etc. My problem seems to be that I want to keep fiddling with them, just one more stroke here or there. I prefer to live with a finished work for a while until I feel really good about it. This piece I wanted to really make use of the warm underpainting and let it come through, I am pleased with the overall warm feel of it.

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