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Friday, November 19, 2010


Island View, Hornby, 30x40, acrylic

I brought this piece home from a gallery and decided to rework it. I love that I can do that, acrylics are so versatile.  I completely redid the sky and made a few changes to the foreground. Usually if I am not pleased with an older piece I am tempted to just repaint the whole thing, so I consciously try to take my time and really think it through. Maybe I won't need to change as much as I thought. I can look at an area and think it needs to be darker, but maybe the area next to it just needs to be lighter. It is all relative. The real frustration is when you know it needs something but you just don't know what.


  1. I recently re-worked a few paintings; two improved, one is not improved and now feels over-worked, so once again it sits. Sometimes I think I would learn to leave well enough alone and just start fresh. Its interesting to realize that many artists re-work past images. I love your work, hugs!

  2. I love the movement in the foreground. Indeed it's great that acrylic paint let's you work over older works without problems.

  3. Thanks Teresa, yes sometimes we do have to know when to quit. I have taken perfectly fine paintings and a certain something was not working and I have ended up being much too heavy handed and ruining the entire thing. I don't like to waste time that way.

  4. Amanda--you really capture the essence of the inland waters of the Pacific Northwest. Having grown up here, I so have the feeling that I've been to each specific spot, especially this one--I can smell the salt air!


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