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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Sunset Glow, Tofino, 16x20, acrylic

I have lately been very attracted to painting different skies. I have done some larger pieces that were almost exclusively sky and I enjoy being able to interpret the wonderful colours and shapes on the canvas. Skies can offer such a wide range of possibilities in a painting, everyone a little bit different. The colours can range from the most beautiful silvery greys to vibrant oranges and reds, great stuff for a painter. The sky being the source of light in a landscape will always set the tone of the piece. This sunset set the stage for this one, I wanted the sky to be the main character, but I also wanted the crashing waves to play a supportive part so I kept them a little more subdued.


  1. It looks luminous, fantastic Amanda)

  2. Wow! I love this. Especially the glow behind the trees, and the waves. It's fantastic and I feel like I'm there!

  3. Thanks for your response Sam. Lisa I know that you love Tofino too so I really appreciate your comments

  4. Amanda...Your paintings look as bright as ever. Great work. Thanks for following my new gallery. Do you ever show in Us?

  5. Gorgeous! Looking at it takes me away


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