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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Shallow Waters, 24x48, acrylic
In my last post, I had a comment that asked why I didn't paint in oils. When I first started to paint I used oils, it is a beautiful medium. I then worked for years in watercolour, another wonderful medium, each had its own unique qualities. I enjoy acrylics, I am able to glaze and work the paint in layers without long drying times. I can work transparently or in impasto I find it very versatile. I am constantly learning different ways of applying the paint and I enjoy the process. This piece is new, I started on a white canvas and underpainted each area as I went along. I also used round brushes instead of the flats I usually use, fun to mix it up and see the results.

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  1. Beautiful, I love the reflections and all the variety of colours is great) I must confess I dont know how to paint in waterolours or acrylics, you are very talented


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