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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello all, I have just discovered this blog site and I am quite excited to explore all of the options. It may take a while with lots of trial and error. "Just do it" are good words to live by. I often say that to myself when I am faced with a blank canvas, just make a mark and get things going, you may be surprised where you end up! I have had two paintings on exhibit at YVR for about 3 months, I have had a good response, one even led to showing in a gallery in Cochrane, Alberta. I picked them both up yesterday and sold one today to someone who saw it in the departure lounge. I would say to other artists, take advantage of opportunities to show your work you don't know when a piece may speak to someone.


  1. I am so excited to follow along with you on your blog spot. I saw your paintings in YVR and just loved them. Your art is truely inspirational. Good luck.

  2. Hi Amanda, welcome to blog world. Check out the little rectangle after my posts. You can use it to send your blog to facebook, twitter etc. By the way I love your art and the way you use colour.


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