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Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Colour

Twists and Turns, 30x40, acrylic

I wanted to try a painting with a lot of saturated colour. The arbutus trees seemed to be a great subject. They have wonderful character and colour. I had a lot a fun just putting on the paint. I am usually concerned with creating sublety and with this one I didn't worry about that. It was quite freeing and fun.


  1. I'm a big fan of saturated colour so this painting really appeals! I think you've done a great job of not taking to colour too far and therefore making it unrealistic, instead you've found the perfect balance. The textures on the tree are great too, well done!

  2. Arbutus trees are a great thing to paint but they are also very hard to paint. I see that you have done a great job with this one. I like this painting. :)

  3. You inspire me. We boat in the Gulf Islands a lot, and the Madrona's speak to me. ravensdotter@blogspot.com


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