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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Trees

Falling Leaves, 12x16, acrylic

Fall is in the air and of course I am attracted to the wonderful colours of the turning leaves. This one came from a photo I took last year. I put in the bright colours of the main tree on a white canvas and then the challenge was to create a background that would stay back and not compete. I wanted the whole piece to have some jazzy strokes of colour, overall I am pleased. I constantly feel that I could push things further, more paint, more colour, more interesting shapes. I feel energized and motivated because there is so much left to explore.


  1. That's a hard method to paint you chose (on a white background) but you pulled it off beautifully.

  2. This is so great amanda. Love the color. Wish it would hurry up and be Fall where I live.

  3. Thankyou all for the good feedback, it means a lot to me. I actually played around a little bit more with this one. It's always so hard to know when to quit!

  4. This painting is absolutely yummy with color and pattern. Fabulous!

  5. Beautiful work. love the light and color in Blue Beyond.


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